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APP Modified Bitumen Membrane

APP Modified Bitumen Membrane is a strong, resilient,  non-woven polyester mat that is coated with flexible, polymer-modified asphalt and is smooth.

It is a time-proven system that has been around for decades due to its reliable performance.

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1m X 10m, 1m X 20m




2.0mm, 3.0mm


Dimension customizable



Process Descirption

APP Modified Bitumen Membraneis installation process involves surface preparation, priming, cutting and positioning, heating and bonding, sealing, and the installation of a protective layer. Careful attention to each step is necessary to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting waterproofing system.
APP Modified Bitumen Membrane's TDS

Technical information about product.​

Product Details

WEIDUN APP Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane is a strong, resilient,  non-woven polyester mat that is coated with flexible, polymer-modified asphalt and is smooth.

  • Weidun Waterproof has a full line of APP Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membranes.
  • The resilient polyester mat core allows it to resist splits and tears due to its elongation characteristics.
  • Specially formulated modified asphalt gives a lasting performance.
  • Easy to apply by torching.
  • Available guarantee of up to 20 years.


Widely used in roofing solutions in the industry, subways, tunnels, highways, bridges and etc.


How to use

Substrate Preparation:

All substrates must be sound, dry, free from grease, dirt, or other contaminants, and must be reasonably smooth.


A layer of primer should be applied to the prepared surface. The primer helps to improve the adhesion between the membrane and the substrate.

Torching Equipment:

Fire safety is the most fundamental while applying bitumen membranes. The torch equipment must be in good working

condition and properly connected. Make sure there are no gas leakage and a sudden gush of fire.


The bituminous waterproofing membranes are unfolded on the site and laid firmly on the surface slowly while torching its underlayer ( torch layer).


The seams and edges of the membrane are sealed using the torch equipement or propane torch to melt the APP modified bitumen on the edges of the membrane.

This helps to create a continuous and waterproof surface.


Membranes delivered to the site are to be stored in a covered area or be covered with a protective sheet until
required for installation. Rolls are to be stored vertically to prevent damage to the ends.

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