Geomembrane liners. Types & Applications

What is geomembrane liner used for?

The geomembrane liner’s main mechanism is a plastic film impermeable partition earth dam leakage channel, with its greater tensile strength and elongation to bear water pressure and adapt to the deformation of the dam, preventing hazardous liquid spills; the non-woven fabric is a kind of high polymer chemical short fiber material through a needle stick or hot forming, has high tensile strength and extensibility, it combines with plastic film, not only increased the tensile strength and puncture resistance of the plastic film, and because the non-woven fabric surface is rough, increasing the contact surface friction coefficient, is advantageous to the composite geomembrane liner, and the stability of the protective layer. Meanwhile, geomembranes have good resistance to bacteria and chemical action corrosion and are outstanding resistance to acid,alkali, and salt erosion, and in the case of use avoiding sunlight exposure, geomembrane liner has a long service life.

Geommemrbane liner
Geomembrane liner

Type of different geomembrane

HDPE Geomembrane Liner – High Density Polyethylene

The performance characteristics of HDPE geomembrane liner are as follows:

1. HDPE geomembrane is a flexible waterproof material with a high anti-seepage coefficient (1×10-17cm/s);

2. HDPE geomembrane has good heat resistance and cold resistance, and its used environment temperature is high temperature 110 ℃, low temperature -70 ℃;

3. HDPE geomembrane has good chemical stability, can resist the corrosion of strong acids, alkalis,s and oil, and is a good anti-corrosion material;

4. HDPE geomembrane has high tensile strength, which can meet the needs of high-standard engineering projects; especially suitable for various waste conveyance canals and prevent hazardous waste liquid leakage

5. HDPE geomembrane has strong weather resistance, strong anti-aging performance, and can be used for a long time to maintain the original performance;

6. HDPE geomembrane has good integrity, HDPE geomembrane has strong tensile strength, and elongation at break so that HDPE geomembrane can be used in various harsh geological and climatic conditions. Adaptable to uneven geological settlement and strong strain

HDPE Geomembrane Liner

Use of HDPE Geomembranes

  1. Pond liners
  2. waste industry
  3. Waterproofing liners
  4. Capture hazardous liquid spills

LLDPE Geomembrane – Linear Low density polyethylene

Linear low density polyethylene is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless milky white particles with a density of 0.918~0.935g/cm3. Compared with low density polyethylene, it has higher softening temperature and melting temperature and has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, high rigidity, heat resistance, and cold resistance. Tear strength and other properties, and acid, alkali, organic solvents, etc., are widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine, health, and daily necessities such as transporting liquids, preventing pollution, and reserve water.

LLDPE Production Line
Weidun Geomembrane Production Line

Use of the LLDPE Geomembrane

  1. Pond liners
  2. Waste conveyance canals
  3. Landfill for municipal wastes
  4. Transport liquids
  5. Mine project
  6. Waste liquids treatment (eg, sewage sludge)

EVA Geomembrane liners

EVA geomembrane is an impermeable material made of geotextile and geomembrane composite material. EVA geomembrane has excellent impermeability, high puncture resistance, high barrier resistance, low-temperature flexibility, super physical properties, aging resistance, chemical erosion resistance, and easy welding. EVA geomembrane can be constructed at very low temperatures. EVA waterproof plate is especially suitable for tunnel waterproof engineering.

Weidun EVA Production Line
Weidun EVA Geomembrane Production line

Use of EVA Geomembrane liners

  1. Tunnels
  2. High ways
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Municipal engineering
  5. Landfill
  6. artificial lake
  7. Human made project

EVA Waterproof Membrane Product

This waterproof membrane can secure your roof from many things just like water getting in your roof and making your walls bad and weak and many more things.

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EVA geomembrane is more flexible than other liners and even polyvinyl chloride, so it is super suitable for tunnel projects. Before applying the EVA geomembrane, the very first thing to check is whether the rock face is smooth and has protruding sharp stones. If necessary, the sharp stones need to be cleaned, and the hard ones can be polished until the substrates are smooth. When using waterproof board material to lay the outer layer, be sure to ensure that the waterproof board and rock face are tightly pasted together.

Weidun Waterproofing completed a tunnel project in 2021.

How to apply geomembrane liners in a pond

Step 1. Slope and substrate treatment

Slope treatment should be carried out before laying. First, remove the slope protection within the laying area, and then excavate 30-50 cm of the topsoil of the dam slope. It is required to remove the roots and weeds completely. Dig an anti- skid ditch every 5-10m, the ditch depth is 1.0m, and the bottom width of the ditch is 0.5m.

Step 2. Apply geomembrane liners

For geomembrane laying, the rolled geomembrane should be laid longitudinally from bottom to top along the dam slope, and the periphery should be buried in the form of a V-shaped groove; when laying the geomembrane, it should not be pulled too tightly to avoid pressure damage; construction Personnel is not allowed to wear spiked shoes into the scene.

Step 3. Backfilling protective layer

The backfilling protective layer should be carried out simultaneously with the laying of the geomembrane; the protective layer can be sandy loam or sand with a thickness of not less than 0.5m; the anti-skid groove is backfilled first, then the slope surface is filled, and the backfill is compacted while the backfilling is performed; the protective layer is restored according to the design original slope protection

Introduction of Weidun geomembrane liners

 Weidun Waterproofing is a comprehensive supplier specializing in waterproofing solutions, geosynthetic service, engineering design, and manufacturing in the field for 20 years. The geomembrane products are used in geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, water conservancy engineering, environmental engineering, aquaculture engineering, traffic engineering , municipal engineering, land reclamation engineering, etc.

Weidun provides customers with OEM/ODM geomembrane product that is specifically designed. We are capable of conducting performance tests for evaluating geomembranes by using developed test methods.

Production line of geomembrane
Weidun Geomembrane Production Line
Geomembrane Warehouse


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